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MADONNA JUY-663 First Debut I Do Not Know My Exclusive First Husband My Secret Desire And Secret Nana Mi Kawakami

It determines the hot spring trip with her husband boss Kayama his wife, a little melancholy wife, Nanami. However, to spend quickly informal peaceful time .... But those of Kayama by chance, not forgotten warmth that Furea' and Nanami, Omoiama' attack her asleep with. Unlike bland husband, relentlessly urge middle-aged man of caress, again and again Nanami to stimuli such as numb would remember the climax. Heart deprived began the flesh to the pleasure you've know once, not Koe to Gushing desire ....夫の上司・加山夫妻との温泉旅行が決まり、少々憂鬱な妻・奈々美。しかし、たちまち打ち解け和やかな時間を過ごして…。だが加山の方は偶然、奈々美と触れ合った温もりが忘れられず、思い余って彼女の寝込みを襲う。淡白な夫と違い、執拗に責め立てる中年男の愛撫、痺れるような刺激に奈々美は幾度も絶頂を覚えてしまう。一度知ってしまった快楽に心奪われ始めた肉体は、湧き上がる欲望に抗えず…。


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