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PREMIUM PRED-111 Humiliated Parents Association Rich Father's Sweat / Saliva / Sperm-covered Confectionary Gangbang Yamanishi

Former women's girl Anna's wife beautiful wife Yamagishi Flower who enjoys the eyes of envy. It is targeted to "punishment" because it did not participate in the Parents' Association. Consciousness to be filled with aphrodisiac and stunned, a festival that pours down sperm into the uterus and cums over many times without being able to resist being pushed down. A photograph is taken as a substitute for libido to sexual desire and substitutes for the cock of our father 's owner. It drowns in repeating insults and turns into a female who forgets her husband and enjoys vaginal cumshot sex ....誰もが羨望の眼差しを向ける元女子アナの美人妻・山岸逢花。保護者会に参加しなかった事を理由に「懲らしめ」のターゲットにされてしまう。媚薬を盛られ朦朧とする意識、押し倒され抵抗できずに子宮内に精子を流し込まれ何度も絶頂する逢花。写真をネタに性欲の捌け口にされオヤジ達のチンポを代わる代わる咥えご奉仕。繰り返される凌辱絶頂に溺れ、夫を忘れて中出しセックスを楽しむメスへと変わっていく…。