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S1NO.1Style SSNI-336 My Stepfather For 15 Minutes When My Husband Is Taking A Bath. Minami Kojima

My mother passed away and my husband and three years of living with my father started suddenly .... An unprotected panchira and chest chill that crowds in natural gestures such as cleaning and cooking, a slender physical body seen through the rubbing glass of a bathroom. "Son's daughter-in-law" changed shortly to "Onna", and the father-in-law who was driven by the impulse was forced to be fucked. I realized myself I was looking forward to the time when my husband would take a bath some day while I was feeling guilty about acts of virtue but I could not talk to him for consultation everyday.義母が亡くなり旦那と義父との3人暮らしが突如始まった…。掃除や料理など自然な仕草の中に混雑する無防備なパンチラや胸チラ、お風呂場の擦りガラス越しに見えるスレンダーな肉体。「息子の嫁」は程なくして「オンナ」へと変わり、衝動に駆られた義父に無理矢理犯されてしまう。背徳行為に罪悪感を覚えつつも相談できず毎日義父に寝取られる内に、いつしか旦那がお風呂に入る時間を心待ちにしてしまう自分に気づいてしまい…。


Kojima Minami


S1No1 Style