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Luxury TV 259LUXU-461 Yoshima Saeji 37 year old magazine editor

I came to work as the editor after finishing my first job in work. I also have a relationship of 10 years or more with the first job of my work, I feel like I will not get married when I come here. I'm giving up, but recently I'm dissatisfied that he is becoming more and more sexually pale. Perhaps I should do it alone, but I have never done masturbation before, but I am not very bored but I do not feel like it. But, I was told I was masturbating first. It was my first time to touch the rotor, but it sounded a bit surprising and I thought that it was impossible for me to work like a novel. The actor is blamed also for other toys, feeling that the vibe is too pleasant and feeling like a reason or a position to fly away. But the actor 's thing was so big that I got back to myself. Because it is really big and I can not fit in my mouth. At the moment when I thought that it was impossible, I was pushed into my mouth as if I could see the stray. Even if I was bitter and I spit it, I will be pushed in again and tears will come out reflexively. I have never done such a thing. At the moment of entering, the feeling of pressure was still amazing, and I suddenly suffered from breathing but suddenly changed to pleasure. Although I was not a virgin, I was at the mercy of my first sensation, and I went over again and again. It is my first sex fight so much, I think that I can not forget the taste of the sperm that I licked at the end. 仕事第一の生活をしてきて、ようやく編集長の座に就いた。同じく仕事第一の彼とは10年以上の付き合いで、ここまでくるともう結婚しない気がしてる。それはまあ諦めてるけど、彼がどんどん性に淡白になっているのが最近の不満。1人ですればいいのかもしれないけど、今までオナニーなんてしたことないし、とてもじゃないけど出来る気がしない。なのに、まずオナニーって言われちゃって。ローターを触るのは初めてでちょっとはしゃいだけど、意外と音が大きくて、小説であるような付けたまま仕事するっていうのは無理だなって思った。男優さんに他のオモチャでも責められて、バイブなんてあまりに気持ち良くて理性とか立場とか吹っ飛んでいく感じ。でも、男優さんのモノがあまりに大きくてちょっと我に返った。だってほんとに大きくて、口に入りきらない。無理だどうしようって思った瞬間、迷いを見透かすかのように口に押し込まれた。苦しくて吐き出してもまた押し込まれて、反射的に涙が出る。こんなの今までしたことない。入ってくる瞬間はやっぱり圧迫感がすごくて、思わず息が詰まったけどすぐに苦しさが快感に変わった。処女でもないのに初めての感覚に翻弄されて、何度も何度もイってしまった。こんなに激しいSEX初めてで、最後に舐めた精子の味は忘れられないと思う。


Yoshima Saeji


Luxury TV