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MADONNA JUY-670 My Wife Is Embraced By Others Let's Take Leave Of Netrole Yu Shinoda

"My wife has been embraced by others ..." recently, Yoshiro to embrace his wife, well over unspeakable anxiety from the inability of the complex had seen just such a dream. At that time, Tabuchi friends visit to the repair of the house. His man stinking proportioned body to the heart was robbed Yu, will send a hot line of sight in a want-up appearance of even unconscious. Tabuchi you notice it defeat push her. Yoshiro also accidentally had noticed her infidelity is continued secretly peeping two people of silliness rather than get angry ....「妻が他人に抱かれてる…」最近、不能のコンプレックスから妻・ゆうに言いようのない不安を抱く義郎はそんな夢ばかり見てた。そんなとき、家の補修に友人の田淵が訪れる。彼の男臭く均整のとれた肉体に心奪われたゆうは、無意識にもの欲しげな様子で熱い視線を送ってしまう。それに気づいた田淵は彼女を押したおす。偶然にも彼女の不貞に気づいてしまった義郎は怒るどころか二人の痴態を密かに覗き続けて…。


Shinoda Yuu


Madonna AV