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MADONNA JUY-665 Astonishment Casting Black Jazz Musician NTR My Wife's Longtime Fans Big Teen

Reiko wife from the other day is happy. Because Magnum of jazz musicians had been longing to the Japan concert. And my company got because I co-sponsored, "ticket". It further became that can also meet in the dressing room. It also was going to gift to the wife you love all. And yet ... is on one of the DVD ... there that arrived addressed to his wife from Magnum, who returned I I startle of video that can not be even regret had been achieved ....先日から妻のレイコは嬉しそうです。憧れていたジャズミュージシャンのマグナムが来日コンサートをするからです。そして僕の会社が協賛していたので手に入れました、『チケット』。さらに楽屋での面会も出来る事になったのです。それも全て愛する妻へのプレゼントのつもりでした。それなのに…帰国したマグナムから妻宛に届いた一枚のDVD…そこには僕が後悔してもしきれない驚愕の映像が収められていたのです…。


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