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Although it is lascivious in fact it is conceited and is impertinent. MIYUKI KATAOKA the beauty leg & beauty tits are female teacher of pride of the TOKYO HOT academy was pushed down to hell. It is the proper reward that continued abusing a student. It is not a self-conceitedness teacher but an obedient meat slave that students hoped. The seductive body is the best for a prey. The cock of the students who drove recklessly penetrates three holes of pussy anal and the mouth at the same time! The dignity of the teacher completely disappears and sexual processing life less than idiot was given to MIYUKI. MIYUKI always severely abuses students who cannot do even easy addition. However the patience of the students who continued being made a fool is already a limit. Other students also counterattack one after another by the chance when a fatty man of leader of class suddenly goes up to the platform and pressing MIYUKI. It is not suitable for man's power at all no matter how it domineers. MIYUKI is immediately made to lock his arm and made to take off clothes. The panty is stripped off and she is made open leg pose. Immediately after students spring at pussy and it is careful licking service. In addition the finger is put and it stirs it severely. MIYUKI is continuously hung down fatty man's dirty saliva in the mouth. This is humiliating. And then cock inserted at standing back posture. Then it is vaginal cum shot after poked by backward woman on top posture. Immediately after second cock inserted and semen injected at missionary posture. MIYUKI is stunned for an unexpected fucking. However this was only a start of the hell. The collar is immediately fixed into MIYUKI and she is put in special made slut body cage. A pitiful appearance is stared at by the every student in the class and she is made fellatio sequentially for the cock that is pierced to the cage. It is the same as the animal that requests food from among the cage. The pussy is continuously fingered in the open leg pose as directed and she is shown the masturbation. Then it is an unexpected happening here. It is a large amount of urination during masturbation. Yellow impure urination gushes out from the pussy. It is just a brute to be incontinent without hesitating about the public eye. Immediately after MIYUKI entreats semen and sucks the cock. And students ejaculate in mouth if MIYUKI one after another. She is made in the mouth dirty by thick semen of five totals. Just after that MIYUKI drinks up all semen that impure yellow like phlegm. The feeling badness superlative degree! Just after that MIYUKI is brought into SM play room owned by the principal. The both hands are bound with the rope in the back by the principal and she will be trained. Colleague's teachers and caretakers also participate in insulting at the same time. Immediately after cock inserted at standing pose. Then caretakers' dirty cock is inserted at missionary posture one after another after standing back posture and continues vaginal cum shot is made. Pussy that semen of five totals is injected is become muddy. In the next vibs toy that the tail is installed inserted in the anal by crawl on all fours. It is real slut. Immediately after special made vibs toy that moves with the electric drill is inserted in the pussy. It is a super-high-speed piston when the switch is turned on. MIYUKI distorts the face and ejaculates. It is cruel devil play. Immediately after teachers insert the cock at missionary posture. The cock inserted in the anal after bending posture. The anus greatly expanded is miserable. Immediately after cock is put in anal & mouth while fucked at woman on top posture. MIYUKI only struggles for the cruel play of three holes fuck. Then vaginal cum shot is made at woman on top posture. Just after that cock is inserted in pussy & anal & mouth. In addition it is simultaneous semen injection to three holes. Then caretakers insert the cock in pussy & anal & mouth of MIYUKI one after another. And cum shot is made into vagina & rectum & mouth. It was twelve in vagina three in anal and one for mouth. Total sixteen cum shot hit three holes directly. Immediately after Cuzco inserted. It is intense attack of power drill vibes after it is exposed in a dirty vagina. MIYUKI spouts bubble semen from the pussy & anal and ejaculates. Such a dirty slave doesn't need. Naturally it is disposal. The TOKYO HOT academy insult a slut teacher and disposes after this. It is evaluated as a significant activity that decreases the number of useless women. It is a mechanism that the slut body eco-point is added when it disposes one body. It will spread all over the world in the future.
Studio: Tokyo-Hot

# TokyoHot n0523 Miyuki Kataoka The Prey - Jav Uncensored #

TokyoHot n0523 Miyuki Kataoka The Prey - Jav Uncensored
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