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Pretty! Lovely! Obedient! It is indeed amazed to learn that such a wonderful girl appears for the TOKYO HOT of cruel villainy!! The cock index is a state of the max suddenly just to have watched an opening picture. AIKO HIROSE of the weather forecaster of a popular person loved from anyone spreads an attractive smile by a weather program every day in a living room. The forecast from out door in customary always surges the fan and is always panicky. And an enthusiastic fan flocks to TOKYO HOT television at one sweep at last and becomes control inability. AIKO who was forced to two insertion after it having been inserted a cock without an interval to take a rest is collapsed not only the caster life but also pussy too. A appearance that beauty & innocent pussy is fucked and to be the soaked pussy might be too cruel and will be put under ban of broadcast other than the TOKYO HOT. AIKO is now taken up even by the weekly magazine and the variety show and gets treated as an entertainer. However there was one the person who felt such situation bad. It is a man of the ex-caster who was made to leave a caster because of AIKO. The man approaches AIKO who finished a program and convey false information that chief of the bureau calls her. The obedient AIKO goes to the chief of the bureau room as it having been said. However there was not only the former caster but also sick enthusiastic fans were there together. It is AIKO who thought she is cheated but it was too late. She is immediately suppressed is made taking off clothes and it is made deep kiss. In addition stocking is broken by standing backing style and she is made taking off the panty too. And it is careful licking service while being smelt the smell between groins. It is the play that is humiliating for innocent AIKO. Immediately after the photograph of the pussy is taken with the Polaroid camera. And then cock inserted at missionary posture. AIKO is fucked by woman on top posture after the piston is intensely done many times and she ejaculates and vaginal cum shot is made immediately after. The head is continuously suppressed and she is made opening the mouth. And fans who gather ejaculate in mouth of AIKO one after another. The semen of ten totals hits in the mouth directly and in addition AIKO drinks up all semen. Just after that AIKO has an ONAIR of program with having been upset. AIKO unusually fails and will retake it many times. In a worse thing AIKO is threatened by the former caster with using the Polaroid photograph as the material and is taken to the warehouse in the bureau. Four men of friend of former caster were standing by there. AIKO is requested masturbation in front of men. Moreover the appearance is broadcast to the whole country. AIKO repeats a caress with the finger of own mainly on a clitoris and faint in agony and got acme. Immediately after it is rotor toy attack by the open leg pose. Then vibs toy is inserted after clitoris and vagina hole severely fingered. AIKO is intensely stirred ejaculates and got acme. Immediately after it is finger fuck & female ejaculation! The between groins is already soaked much. The whole body is continuously caressed by the electric massage machine and she ejaculates. Two is pushed to the pussy at the same time and she is made acme while going into convulsions the whole body. Immediately after it is finger fuck and she is made female ejaculation again. And then Cuzco inserted. The uterine ostium is telecasted to living room in the whole country. Immediately after cock inserted at missionary posture. The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes while she is poked at bending back and side posture. Immediately after another cock is inserted while she is fucking at M-leg backward woman on top posture. It is double insertion of the astonishments!! The vaginal orifice has kept opening mercilessly. And vaginal cum shot is made at missionary posture. Just after that second cock made vaginal cum shot at missionary posture. Then third cock inserted at back posture. Also fans who saw live broadcasting gather at the same time. The cock immediately before the ejaculation is inserted one after another at intervals fucked at back posture and injected semen. The pussy that semen of eight totals is poured has collapsed completely. Immediately after other vaginal cum shot was made at back posture. AIKO is completely tired out. She is not possible to get up and in the state only of the breath. AIKO became the caster of new program "All nations vaginal cum shot" after this. It is the heartwarming program which it goes round the whole country and it is made vaginal cum shot and made communication. The pussy will open so that triple insertion is possible when she returns to the bureau.
Actor: Aiko Hirose
Studio: Tokyo-Hot

# TokyoHot n0504 Aiko Hirose Skewered Slut - Jav Uncensored #

TokyoHot n0504 Aiko Hirose Skewered Slut - Jav Uncensored
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