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Prestige AV 300NTK-083 Mami 20 years old Female College of Business Administration 2nd grade

Now due to depression, the buyer's market, fringed warmth pants. Everyone, do you know the word "seller of pants"? It is about a girl who sells pants after wearing at 3 to 5 thousand yen and exceeds money. Because of this handiness, it is surprisingly cute Kinky girls doing it, this back byte. This time it is a picture of a girl without money, gathered for writing "Life underwear underwear". Mami-san (20 years old) who is the first to write. Orthodox beauty girl who seems to be pursuing came downstairs. In terms of first experience with the seller, first check "pants and change". "About three hours ... I wear it ...," If you check the crotch, "Too clean, you can not buy this," to the work to make it dirty again. If you look at the butt, you do not think that "It's a beautiful buttocks", but the real intention, "Thank you!" Replies immediately, Mami-san ... is not it a straightforward girl? "Let's wet it for the time being", let's sit down on the bed in M ​​shape, finger masturbation. If asked, now he has no boyfriend, sex is a long time ago, she does not use tools, she is a masturbation, her place to answer seriously anything is cute. But because finger use is not cute with just cute pants, put in a rotor. 不況により只今買い手市場、脱ぎたて温もりパンツ。みなさん、「パンツの売り子」という言葉をご存知ですか?着用後のパンツを3~5千円で売って金欠をしのぐ女の子の事です。この手軽さの為か、意外とカワイイ金欠女子がやってるんですよ、この裏バイト。今回は「生脱ぎ下着買います」の書き込みに集まった、とくに金の無い女の子の映像です。書き込み初めてという、まみさん(20歳)。清純そうな正統派美少女が迷い込んできました。売り子初体験ということで、まずは「生着替えしてよ」とパンツを確認。「3時間くらい…、履いてますかね…」と、クロッチ確認すれば、「あれ?きれいじゃん、これじゃ買い取れないよ」と、再度履かせて汚す作業へ。お尻を見たら、「きれいなお尻だね」と思わず本音が、「ありがとうございます!!」と、即座に返事をする、まみさん…素直ないい娘じゃないですか。「とりあえず、濡らしてよ」と、ベッドにM字に座らせて、指オナニー。聞いてみれば、今は彼氏なし、セックスもご無沙汰で、道具は使わず手でオナニー派の彼女、なんでも真面目に答える所もカワイイね。でも指使いはカワイイだけではパンツは濡れないので、ローター投入。




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