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MADONNA JUY-666 I Was Beloved By My Lesbian Young Man Morishita Morimori Sushi

Married Yuko get to the job of a personal trainer (Mio Morishita) had taught regularly training call a friend and a friend of the daughter Aya (Atobi Sri) at home. Three women at the time that sweat by moving the body, my husband was looking forward to time for the lonely lives Yuko in the long-term business trip. However, this time I did not know, that the saturation also that also cover around apart of the year his or her will, are aimed at Yuko's body. And, that would drown and mind only to the skillful lesbian technique of saturation.パーソナルトレーナーの職に就く人妻・優子(森下美緒)は、定期的に友人と友人の娘・彩(跡美しゅり)を自宅に呼んでトレーニングを教えていた。女性3人で身体を動かして汗を流す時間は、夫が長期出張中で寂しい生活を送る優子にとって楽しみな時間だった。しかし、この時は知らなかった、ひと回りもふた回りも年の離れた彩が、優子の身体を狙っていることを。そして、彩の巧みなレズテクニックに身も心も溺れてしまうことを。


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