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MADONNA JUY-671 Because I Do Not Know When I Can Go Next Time I Spent Two Days Till I Fainted With My Younger Than 2 Nights Hot Spring Trip. Mizuki Nakamura

Today, I have come to travel and Ishioka Mr. junior husband -. I met with Ishioka kun is when the husband brought to the home. Then, now exchange the reunited by chance contact. Then, we came for the first time Onsen Ryokan of the night two days built a plan of staying out with him. There is a guilt lied to her husband. Will such a lie is also wear? The following do not know when to go. So ... I also also we love one violently many times remains of emotions heightened Among the limited time Ishioka kun ....今日、私は夫の後輩の石岡君と旅行に来ています―。石岡君と出会ったのは夫が自宅へ連れて来た時です。その後、偶然再会し連絡を交わすようになりました。そして、初めて彼と外泊の計画を建て一泊二日の温泉旅館にやって来たのです。夫に嘘をついた罪悪感があります。こんな嘘がまたつけるのでしょうか?次はいつ行けるかわからない。だから…私も石岡君も限られた時間の中で高まった感情のまま何度も激しく愛し合いました…。


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