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FHD TakaraEizo SPRD-1069 Annual Wife Who Is Older Than Remarriage Opponent Is Better Reiko Kitagawa

Reiko is remarried a few years ago, lived in harmony, but the husband received the aftermath of the recession has become the unemployed. My husband is also unsuccessful search for a job, now is Reiko is supporting the household. It invites life and tried to comfort her husband's depression, but the husband whether such from stress Shi broken middle husband got depressed again. Reiko comfort gently, but had gotten a worrying endlessly to the thing insufficient. During the day, Reiko was reunited old man, ex-husband and by chance. Lightly greeted, tried to go home is Reiko, held back the ex-husband, to his home. Such as the recent, and has been talking about since their is known, it has suddenly cover overlying. Aggressive personality of her ex-husband has not changed, there is, but he was also a cause of divorce, Reiko put away writhing been attacked their weak place. Is confronted by the towering erection rod was placed in a resistance vain mouth. The uterus is aching with nostalgic dear emotion. Reiko when inserted deep in the vagina would reach instantaneously. Once violently piston body is freely react, waves of pleasure surging. There was after the Reiko's ex-husband home with little remaining reason ....礼子は数年前再婚し、仲良く暮らしていたが、不況の煽りを受け夫は無職になってしまった。夫は職を探すもうまくいかず、今は礼子が家計を支えている。意気消沈の夫を慰めようと営みを誘うが、ストレスからなのか夫は中折れし夫は再び落ち込んでしまった。礼子は優しく慰めるが、物足りなさに悶々としてしまっていた。日中、礼子は懐かしい人、元夫と偶然再会した。軽く挨拶し、礼子は帰ろうとしたが、元夫が引き止め、彼の自宅へ。近況など、自分たちが別れてからの話をしていると、突然覆いかぶさってきた。元夫の強引な性格は変わっておらず、そこが離婚の原因でもあったのだが、礼子は自分の弱い所を攻められ身悶えしまう。そそり立つ勃起棒を見せつけられ、抵抗虚しく口の中に入れられた。懐かしくいとしい感情とともに子宮が疼く。深く膣内に差し込まれた時礼子は瞬時に達してしまう。激しくピストンされると、体が勝手に反応し、快感の波が押し寄せる。が、少し残った理性で礼子は元夫の家を後にした…。


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