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FHD TakaraEizo SPRD-1073 Your Mother in law I Will Just Ask You Ahead Keiko Koizumi

Invited day to go home after a long time in his wife's life flatly trickling in has been turned down. I reluctantly and wife SEX-less period length desire too, accumulated in the reservoir was on the verge of explosion. Father-in-law and mother-in-law willingly received by righteous family. My mother-in-law is a little chubby cleavage chubby but a far cry from huge breasts with wife, 飛bi出sann from the eyes became glued. Oh, that and I breasts massaged better, wind a little loath her just a little bit ahead. put only Po and pposhi's saying wants to have SEX with and was full of delusions. Had a dad that day from father-in-law invited to drink, drunk and disorderly, to go home and already everyone fell asleep. Exposed skin mother-in-law and father-in-law to carry into the bedroom and slept. I gently turns her futon, and getting breasts tried massaging gently. Fluffy and soft, excited me. I knew that coming moist and wet panty, fiddled with. I clasped the cock, when it comes to my mother-in-law. But tough. And while we cannot insert the mother-in-law is nonsense. I leave quickly and quietly left the bedroom.妻の実家に久しぶりに帰省する前日、営みを誘ったがけんもほろろに断られてしまった。仕方なく諦めたが妻とのSEXレス期間が長すぎて溜まりに溜まった欲求は爆発寸前だった。義実家では義父と義母が快く迎え入れてくれた。義母は少しぽっちゃりとしているが、妻とは大違いの爆乳で、服から飛び出さんばかりの谷間に、目が釘付けになってしまった。あぁ、あのおっぱいを揉みしだき、少し嫌がっている風の義母に少しだけ、先っぽだけ入れさせてなど言いながらズっぽしSEXしたいなぁと妄想が膨らんでいた。その日は義父から飲みに誘われ、泥酔した義父を抱え帰宅すると、既にみんな寝てしまっていた。義父を寝室へ運ぶと義母が肌を露出して寝ていた。僕は義母の布団をそっとめくり、おっぱいをそっと揉んでみた。ふわふわと柔らかく、興奮してしまった。パンティをめくり、いじっていると、しっとりと濡れてくるのがわかった。僕はイチモツを握りしめ、いざ義母の中へ。しかしキツイ。中々挿入できずにいると、義母が寝言を。僕はさっと離れると、そっと寝室を後にした…。


Koizumi Keiko


Takara TV