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PREMIUM PRED-112 Going Home NTR The Worst Cheat And Cheating Flirt Cheat Of The Former Curry

I'm my dating relationship and Misaki who began living together on the premise of marriage. I decided to go to a greeting after returning home to Misaki 's parents house before the engagement. How can I say a few words .... "I really love you, Misaki-san, I will absolutely be happy!" My feelings will surely be transmitted to your parents .... I'd like to listen to my dad and talk about Musashi's early childhood. Misaki who came home earlier is about when I reached home. Let's finish the work quickly and let's make a wonderful homecoming ...!結婚を前提とした同棲を始めた交際1年のボクとみさき。婚約を目前にみさきの実家に里帰りついでの挨拶に行く事になりました。なんて挨拶すればいいだろ…。「みさきさんを本当に愛しています。絶対に幸せにします!」かな?ボクの気持ちはきっとご両親に伝わるはず…。お父さんと仲良くなってみさきの幼い頃の話も聞いてみたいなぁ。先に帰省したみさきは実家に着いた頃かな?早く仕事を終わらせて素敵な帰郷にしよう…!


Honda Misaki