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Siro Av SIRO-3601 AV entry in the internet AV experience shooting 792 Yuka 20 years old professional student

It seems that he seems to be serious because I see him applying today, Yuka 's genuine girl. I heard that he usually attends a vocational school of art system. Currently, no boyfriend. He seems to have broken up about three months ago. However, at about the same time, it seems that it became a relationship between a classmate and Sefure. Even now it is said that sefure relations are ongoing ♪ Yuka is seriously serious, but it is surprising that there is a sefure! When asked the number of experienced people, how many one! ! ! ... If you ask me what it is like, I did not declare my boyfriend, but I decided to take a seat. It seems to be .... It is somewhat unusual pattern! Masturbation seems to have been done since junior high school students ♪ There is such a thing, the erogenous zone is clitoris. It seems that he wants to find his favorite posture in the future ♪ It is Yuba like Ubu like this, but he seems to feel no resistance, especially to being photographed and being touched by the person who is meeting for the first time! This is a big feeling premonition! ! ! Amateur like diamonds, Yuka chan's sex is a must-see 本日応募してきてくれたのは見るからに真面目そうで、純朴な女の子”ゆいか”ちゃん。普段は美術系の専門学校に通っているそうです。現在、彼氏はなし。3ヶ月くらい前に別れてしまったそうです。しかし、ちょうど同じ頃、同級生とセフレの関係になったんだそう。現在もセフレ関係は継続中とのことです♪真面目そうなゆいかちゃんですが、セフレがいるというのには驚きですね!経験人数を聞いてみると、なんと1人!!!…どういう事かと伺うと、彼氏とはしてないけどセフレとはした。…ということらしいです。なんだか珍しいパターンですね!オナニーは中学生の時からしているそうです♪そんなこともあって、性感帯はクリトリス。好きな体位はこれから見つけて行きたいそうです♪こんなウブなゆいかちゃんですが、撮影される事や、初対面の人に触られることには特に抵抗は感じないそうです!これは大物の予感!!!ダイヤの原石のような素人、ゆいかちゃんのセックスは必見です!