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BigMorkal JKSR-370 No She Is A Child Of Uchi 's Company Completely A Beautiful Woman Who Exists

Seems to go to Petit hot spring trip by taking the "workplace of the Madonna" is Yukyu that would follow in the eye on a daily basis in the company. Although just say that talking with female employees our colleagues have been heard. One day, in products that I saw in the video rental store, women with a familiar was listed .... This whole story that happened to have been dreamed of a Takamine of flower "Women of Madonna existence of the company." Raw is the collar thing .... 会社で毎日のように目で追ってしまう「職場のマドンナ」が有休を取ってプチ温泉旅行に行くらしい。同僚の女子社員達と話しているのが聞こえてきたというだけだけれども。ある日、レンタルビデオ店で見かけた商品に、見覚えのある女性が載っていた…。これは高嶺の花と夢見ていた「会社のマドンナ的存在の女性」の身に起こった一部始終。生ツバものです…。


Big Morkal