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Nampa 200GANA-1894 Girls like horse lovers at certain race tracks Nanpa! Show off a brilliant woman on top of a man who roams in horse racing Chi Po! Genius Big Tits Jockey Moment of birth! ! Mako at the age of 21 in a pub

Suddenly, it seems that the number of "Umajiyo" who gets to the race track and gets on the race is increasing now. Whether it is an effect that appoints a young talent to advertise in CM or something, just like animals or gambling ... Anyhow, anyway, I am glad that the horseracing is possible in the racecourse where the management side was only a musical osan. For the time being, I left it, this time I went to the horse race track for such Umajiyo and I found it and it was a scattered Umajo. Of course I'm gonna bet on all the races to be held today, of course, I have to take a horse more than my boyfriend and break up with my boyfriend, not only is the pattern of clothes horse but horse The more you put a tattoo sticker, the harder it is to break out in the meaning. Such a Umajo Umajo Sekko, so do not be afraid of the next race during the interview. But please be relieved. I did it properly with Umanamichi ○. Of course we do not remove the woman on top posture. It is more attractive to bovine swaying big tits than horses.突然ですが、今、競馬場へ足を運びレースに賭ける「ウマジョ」というのが増えてるみたいですね。若いタレント起用してCMとかで宣伝してる効果か、単に動物好きかギャンブル好きか……なんにせよ、運営側としてはムサいオッサンばかりだった競馬場に華ができて嬉しいんでしょうかね。とりあえずそれは置いといて、今回は、そんなウマジョ目当てで競馬場に赴き、見つけて参りました飛び切りのウマジョ。おめめがぱっちりしてて可愛いのはもちろん、今日開催するレース全部に賭けるつもりだったり、過去に彼氏よりもウマを取って彼氏と別れたり、服の柄がウマなだけでなく身体にウマのタトゥーシールを張るほど、筋金入りのウマジョって意味でも飛び切りです。そんなウマジョオブウマジョなまこさんなので、インタビュー中も次のレースのことでそわそわ。でもご安心ください。ちゃんとウマナミチ○ポで喘がせてやりましたよ。当然騎乗位は外しません。ウマというよりはウシな揺れまくり巨乳にも注目です。