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Luxury TV 259LUXU-863 Makijima Yu 26 years old president secretary

Today I came to Mr. Yu who works as president's secretary. The see-through tops and the mini tight skirts are so sexy and their eyes are stolen ... ... Mr. Yu seems to have about 6 members currently having a body relationship, seems to be relatively satisfied with sex, but I want to experience more sex with more blame or blame, I applied this time It seems that he got it. Mr. Yu who speaks with his eyes shining as wanting to have sex like never before experienced in this shooting. Let's feel comfortable immediately. Shoulder, arm caressing with a feather touch will cause sexy sighs to leak out. Sensitive and superior Mr. Yu who feels as if he and I can not hesitate to move by the arms as if the hips and arms move arbitrarily when gently touching from the buttocks to the thighs. Taking up the brassiere will reveal a beautiful pink nipple .... Every time you touch Kururi there, you are so sensitive that you will soak in your pleasure as you tell us that you can not stand it. If you gently caress the secret part through shorts, obscene honey will overflow with a loud voice, and shorts will soak in an instant .... It became hard to become sesame with heat ○ As it applied, it accepted smoothly as if it had been waiting and was swallowed by pleasure.本日は社長秘書として働いていらっしゃる優さんにお越し頂きました。シースルーのトップスとミニのタイトスカートがとてもセクシーで目を奪われてしまいます…。優さんは現在体の関係のある方が6人程いらっしゃるそうで比較的セックスに満足してはいるようですが、もっと責めたり責められたり色々なセックスを経験してみたくて今回応募してくださっったそうです。今回の撮影では今まで経験したことがないようなセックスをしたいと目を輝かせて語る優さん。早速気持ちよくなっていただきましょう。肩、腕をフェザータッチで愛撫していくと色っぽい吐息が漏れ出します。お尻から太ももにかけて優しく触れればヒクヒクと腰が勝手に動いて、これだけでイってしまうのではないかという程に感じてしまう敏感体質な優さん。ブラジャーをたくし上げると綺麗なピンク色の乳首があらわに…。とても敏感なそこをクリクリといじる度に、我慢できないと言わんばかりに腰をくねらせ快感に浸ります。ショーツ越しに秘部を優しく愛撫すれば嬌声とともに卑猥な蜜が溢れ出し、瞬く間にショーツはびしょ濡れに…。熱を帯びたおま○こに硬くなったち○こをあてがうと待ちわびていたかのようにすんなりと受け入れ、快感に飲み込まれて行くのでした。


Makijima Yu


Luxury TV